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Register now for the Agile Experience Event - Being Human in Times of Agile

An agile and innovative organization needs people. It is people who make the organization—in teams—together with customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, and colleagues. Everywhere around the world, it’s the people doing all the work. There is a lot of “Human Doing” in the Agile teams and organizations, and a lot of attention is needed for processes and structures (SAFe, Scrum, KanBan, governance, etc.). But, what about us as human beings, and about being human in times of Agile? If you would like to experience how you can create opportunities in teams and organizations, then attending this event is a must! The event will take place at Capgemini, Leidsche Rijn office, Auditorium Paris. Program

  • 17:00 – Walk-in dinner

  • 18:00 – Plenary opening

  • 18:15 – Key-note experience "Turn the chair around" by Agile On The Fly

  • 19:00 – First break-out round of interactive workshop

  • 19:45 – Break with coffee, tea, and cookies

  • 20:00 – Second break-out round of interactive workshop

  • 20:45 – Plenary closure: "Many Voices, One Song" by Agile On The Fly

  • 21:00 – Meet and greet with drinks and snacks

That's not all! We have many interactive workshops lined-up for you. Check them out, here below! Interactive Workshops Here’s a line-up of all the interactive workshops, arranged for you: Assessing employees in Agile times Annemarie Veel, Team Leader, IT, Zorg, UMC Utrecht, Ineke Kosse, iCON Healthcare "Assessing employees with Agile is so difficult," many a managers sigh. Is that tension real? Or does Agile offer other possibilities? Will you sprint with us? How to fuel human energy at work Suzanne Mijnheer, Tiemen Learn how to fuel your work energy and the energy of your colleagues by tapping into the 4 energy sources. Workhappy, work healthy by managing your energy. Indicating boundaries allows each other to open the border Gudy van Veen, RAACC, Petra Meijssen, Mens in beeld Do you want to discover what can be significant to get moving and to open up the border around you again? Come to this workshop and take the first step! Experience self-management yourself and get to know practical tools to apply this in your own organization Jefta Bade, Can Do Academy, Frank Fondse, Waardevol Self-management is not about 'steering', but about which value system you strive for. Come and experience how you interpret this. Learn the 2 practical working methods we use for this. Enriched accountability Erik Staffeleu en Eva Miltenburg, Capgemini Accountability in an Agile environment, based on the ideas of “Rijker Verantwoorden.” What is an appropriate way of accounting for an Agile way of working – based on xperiences at the police What you see is what you get? – Observing in a fastmoving world Nienke Alma, ING All of us probably recognize this pitfall: under pressure we could draw conclusions in just a split-second and act intuitively. Is that how we really want to act? If you don’t see, hear, or sense consciously, to what extent are you actually present? Empiricism is one of the core Agile principles. It is also one of the core principles of “being human.” In this workshop, Nienke aims to provide an experience that helps you to get insights in how we see,hear, and sense under pressure. Do you see the difference between acting blindly and acting empirically? Liberating Structures help people unleash Fina Piazza, Capgemini Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. Liberating Structures are a disruptive innovation that can replace more controlling or constraining approaches. Join me discovering a few of these microstructures and experience how everybody gets involved! Community building – a new perspective on Agile development Hans Broeks, Capgemini In an open and friendly setting, you are invited for a conversation about how we can create more “in between” space. Space to slow down, reflect, stay human, and learn in these times of seemingly continuous transformation. Your own journey in Agile: lovingly moving Onno Geveke, Kamamak, Fina Piazza, Capgemini A workshop full of movement, dialogues, and insight into the journey you go through when you start working on Agile. Are you just going out? Or are you planning in detail? Do you know the context in which you travel? When do you feel good when you travel? Going on a journey in Agile: meeting yourself and others in Agile process and being Agile. What question do you take with you, for which discovery are you open to? After the workshop, you shall look at yourself and others in this Agile environments with a fresh outlook. “Managing” Agile Guillaume Boog, Capgemini Agile accelerates your company. Working Scrum and DevOps is key, operations need to focus on Agile Values and Principles. What does this mean for you, as a Manager? Be part of the Leadership Debate and find out how to serve your people more and more.

How to practice Agile Ben Kooistra, Capgemini An inspiring workshop about how you can deal with two contradictive feelings in a changing workplace: you feel agile yourself, but your environment is not. Being pragmatic works best in your day to day job, but how about practicing the Agile principles then? After the workshop you will have “new spirits in the material world” Discover your power! - Check your added value in your Agile work environment. Sandra van der Werf, There is often a tension between the goals of the organization, the team, and your personal goals. In this workshop, you check your qualities, motives, and deeper goal through the Logical Levels (Robert Dilts) model. What is your strength? Where does it pinch? What are you going to do with it? The win-win of diversity and inclusivity - Change management for gender and diversity by using participatory video Saskia Ivens, Simon Koolwijk, Who is a human being, inclusivity and diversity at the work place in an agile environment, and many more. An exciting workshop in which you discover challenges and opportunities for achieving your KPIs through contributing in an inclusive workplace.


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